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Transition – Moving from Primary to Secondary

Information for September 2020

We work very closely with our partner primary schools and regularly share information and ideas as we see transition as an important process in a child’s educational career. It is not only about the move from Junior school to Secondary school but the whole of a student’s time in education.

We want to establish a partnership with you and your child that will remain strong and effective for the five year journey that follows.

This year the process is obviously a little different, due to school closure.

Visiting the Primary Schools
Members of the Senior Leadership Team and the SENDCo will visit and/or contact your child’s school to gather information about your child and discuss his/her progress, strengths, needs and background.

It may not be possible for us to visit Feeder schools to speak directly to students but we are looking at ways that we can virtually ‘meet ‘with students to talk to them about life as a student at Hasland Hall School.

Key Staff
Mr J Sketchley – Year 7 Pastoral Manager

Mr C Pooley – Assistant Headteacher with responsibility for KS3

Mrs T Birch – SENDCO

You can contact any of these staff by emailing: transition@haslandhall.derbyshire.sch.uk

Video Tour of the School
Members of the school community have created a video for our new students. This will show them around the school and answer some of the questions that they may have. Click here to see the video.

School Planner

You will be given a school planner in September to help you keep organised. It also contains lots of helpful information. You can see the first part of the planner by clicking here.

You will notice that it says Outwood Academy Hasland Hall. That is because we will soon be joining the Outwood Grange Academies Trust.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will I get lost?
No. It will be a bit bewildering at first, any new place is but there are always people around to help and direct you.
You will have a full tour of the school on the Transition Day on 4 September.
Almost all students manage to arrive in good time for their lessons and if you are late and have a good reason, then there is nothing to worry about. The teachers can tell when students are deliberately late and if you are deliberately late, then really you have no one to blame but yourself if you receive a consequence!

Will all my friends from junior school be in my tutor group?
It is really important that all the new Year 7 students start afresh in September. For a few students it is important that they stay with some other children but this is decided through discussion with your junior school.

So, why won’t I be with all my friends?
There are some students in your new classes who will not know anyone at all in Year 7. It is important that they have a fair chance of making friends and are not trying to join large groups of existing friends from other junior schools. Think of it like going to a party of a cousin and all their school friends are there, who you don’t know, and they already know each other. It’s just like that for some students. It must be fair for all children.
Remember, you will only worry about your friends being in a group with you during the first few weeks because it will all seem new. Your educational journey at Hasland Hall will be for five years. The worry about friends will pass very quickly.
You will meet other students for the first time on 4 September who could be your friends for the rest of your lives!

Who will be my tutor?
You will find out who your tutor will be on the Transition Day. It’s one of the most exciting parts of the day. Whoever it is, you will be in very safe hands. Our tutors are extremely experienced and will look after you every single day.

Can I change tutor groups if I don’t like it or have none of my friends from junior school in it?
Unfortunately not. Your tutor groups take a long time to form because we have to balance boys and girls and lots of other different things to make sure that they are all equal.
We may decide to move students after a while if we think it will benefit them but this will only be for educational reasons.

What do I do if someone is horrible to me or is bullying me?
You, or a friend, must tell an adult in the school as soon as possible. That adult has to tell the right people; your tutor, Mr Sketchley, Mr Pooley or other people as soon as they know. Sometime you might want your parent to tell us. That is ok as well.
All incidents of bullying are dealt with because it is extremely serious and can ruin a student’s happiness at school.
However, it is also really important that our students understand the difference between a fall-out and bullying. If you fall out with a friend and they are dealt with wrongly as a bully, it can ruin a friendship for ever.
During your tutor time we will teach you about how to recognise and deal with anyone who bullies you.

I am worried about homework. Will I be able to do it?
Yes and you must not worry about it.
Homework is an important part of your education because not only does it continue what you learn in class at home, it also teaches you how to organise yourselves for later in life. When you are older you will have work independently and it is vital you start to do this now.
You should not be spending too little, or too much time, on it. Both mean that something is not right. Talk to your teacher or tutor if you don’t understand what you have do or get your parent to contact them if you are shy about doing it.
Don’t leave a worry about homework to the moment you have to hand it in or else the teacher might think you just don’t care and you might receive a consequence! Always talk to them before the deadline.

Can I bring my mobile phone to school?
The rules on phones are very simple. You can bring your phone to school (at your own risk) but it needs to be switched off and put away during the whole of the school day including break and lunchtimes. If your phone is seen or heard it will be taken from you by a member of staff and kept at the ‘Student Information Desk’.
A parent/carer will then have to come and collect it at the end of the day.

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