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Telephone: 01246 273985 - Address: Broomfield Avenue, Hasland, Chesterfield, Derbyshire S41 0LP

School Aims

At Hasland Hall, we aim to develop young people’s learning through a range of experiences in a purposeful, ordered environment where achievement and the enriching nature of school community activities are highly valued.  Our students’ education is for now, and for the future in that it will focus on how they live their lives currently and on what they can become.  Our starting point is that the past and present experiences of young people are respected and that they all have the capacity to determine their future circumstances regardless of their starting point.  The principles of democracy and inclusion underpin the ethos of the school and its processes; central to these principles is the belief that appropriate challenges must be set in order that students and staff can develop and progress.

Learning takes place in a formal sense in classrooms and, in a wider sense, through the social activities which being part of the school community brings.  Learning is a life-long activity and therefore Hasland Hall’s contribution is part of a continuum.  A strong sense of partnership with other places of learning is essential for the success of the school, as is the commitment to the professional development of all adults within the school community.

Young people will have opportunities to discover, create and reflect. Their personal development will be enhanced by the acquisition of knowledge and the nurturing of skills, such that they can become independent thinkers and learners.

The school is a community in itself but it is also part of a wider community.  By creating a vibrant and ordered school community, we can ensure that young people can appreciate the richness of living and learning with others.  Thus they can develop their empathy and respect for others, a sense of justice and an awareness of the importance of peace and harmony.  They can also develop their understanding of the rights and responsibilities which being a member of such a community brings. Our building is also a resource for the community and we actively encourage the involvement of members of the outside community in the life of the school and in a range of learning, cultural and sporting activities.

Achievements are valued in a wide range of areas within and outside the curriculum.  In recognising success, prior attainment is taken into account, as is the potential for further development.  Where young people meet the high standards expected of them in the classroom, their success is rewarded through the formal recognition of having met personal learning targets as measured by National Curriculum levels and other qualifications.  Of equal measure is the self respect which comes from acquiring the feeling of being at ease with oneself and with others.

We foster positive working relationships with parents and the wider community through effective communication, shared purpose and the recognition of our inter-dependency in striving to maximise young people’s potential.

Our commitment to school improvement focuses on the development of teachers’ skills of professional review and evaluation as individuals and team members. The professional ethos is one in which teachers are supported and appreciate the value of sharing good practice and learning from others.  Relevant learning opportunities outside the school will be sought to complement this fundamental process and to maintain links with colleagues locally, nationally and internationally.

We adhere to the principles of providing broad and balanced learning experiences which are accessible to all at Key Stages Three and Four.  This involves all young people in the core subjects of English, Maths and Science, Humanities, Languages, Creative Arts, Technology, Physical Education, Religious Education, Careers Education and Guidance and Personal and Social Education.  There is flexibility to study in vocational areas at Key Stage Four and we have a very deliberate focus on improving skills which are transferable.

We will establish and maintain a pleasant, clean and stimulating environment which is welcoming to all who work or visit the school.

School resources are managed carefully so that they can be distributed equably to maintain high standards of teaching and learning and to support developments outlined in the School Improvement Plan.

The school aims are not static and are reviewed regularly to ensure that the school is the responsive learning environment which our young people deserve.








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SENCO (JOB/21/00194)

Closing Date: 11.59pm, 17 February 2021

Applications should be made via the DCC website.


Community Choir

Due to current Government Advice regarding non-essential social contact the Community Choir will be suspended until further notice.

Despite this they have met virtually and produced a Lockdown Creation!

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