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Homework is an important part of every student’s programme of study.

The policy of the School is that homework should supplement and complement work carried out in class time.  Consequently, in most cases it should be quite different from classwork.  For example, homework tasks might include work which can only be carried out at home or in the community, such as drawing a plan of a room or carrying out a survey of family members, or preparation for a lesson such as reading or drafting a written piece.  At times it might involve practising a skill learned in class time.

Because different students progress at different rates, it is sometimes necessary to set different homework tasks to different students within the same class.  Homework tasks do not often include finishing off a piece of classwork, and it is important for parents to recognise that homework often involves tasks other than writing.

Homework often provides an opportunity for you to give practical assistance to your child, and it can help you keep up-to-date with their progress.  You are also in a particularly good position to give accurate information to teachers concerning how easy or difficult your son or daughter is finding the work.  If you feel that the homework tasks set are not well suited to your child’s abilities, you should contact her/his tutor who can investigate further.

Above all, students must work consistently, since falling behind can produce a backlog, which becomes acute when formal assessment takes place.

Every student is made aware of the Homework Timetable at the start of each year, and this gives you and them advance warning of when to expect homework each week.  It also helps to ensure that the homework load is shared fairly between all subject areas.  Students are introduced to homework gradually during Year 7.  They can then expect to be set homework of between thirty and sixty minutes per subject per week in the lower school (Years 7 to 9), and between sixty and ninety minutes in the upper school (Years 10 and 11).  In most cases, they are given several days to complete the task, but teachers then expect the work to have been completed and to be handed in promptly.

All students plan and record progress in homework and coursework tasks in more detail with the help of the School Diary/Planners that are issued at the start of each year and which parents are encouraged to look at weekly and to sign.


Homework Club

Every evening after school all students are able to go to Homework Club held in the school library between 3.00pm and 4.00pm.  As well as full access to learning resources, Teaching Assistants are available to advise and guide students with their tasks.




Latest News

Y11 Parents Evening Wednesday 16 January and Thursday 17 January

Wednesday 16 January
(Surnames A – I)
Thursday 17 January
(Surnames J – Z)
Year 11 Parents’ Evening provides parents with a valuable opportunity to speak to teachers about their son/daughter’s progress. We would, therefore, ask that all parents attend. Students will be booking appointment times for their parents between 4.15pm and 7pm. If for particular reasons you are unable to attend, please contact the school to arrange an alternative time.

Year 9 GCSE Guided Choices Evening Wednesday 23 January

We would like to invite parents of all Year 9 students to come into school on Wednesday 23 January at 7pm to attend the GCSE Guided Choices Evening. The evening provides an opportunity for you to find out more about the Key Stage 4 Curriculum and the subjects that are part of it. Subject teachers and the Careers Advisers will be attending to answer your questions and offer advice. We look forward to seeing you.

Community Craft Club Thursday Evening – 6pm

The Community Craft Club meets every Thursday from 6.00pm in the School dining room. The aim is to bring together people from the community who would like to share the enjoyment of crafting. They are currently undertaking a variety of craft projects which will lead to a sale for charity.

If you are interested in finding out more, please contact Bev Kershaw on 01246 273985 or by email:

Forthcoming Events

Thursday 17 January
Y11 Parents’ Evening
Surnames J – Z

Wednesday 23 January
Y9 GCSE Guided Choices Evening

Tuesday 5 February
Y9 Parents’ Evening

Thursday 14 February
End of Term

Friday 15 February
Inset Day

Monday 25 February
Students return to School


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