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Summary Documents for work during COVID-19 Closure

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Mental Wellbeing

Smashed Online

An e-learning programme for Key Stage 3 students about under-age drinking.

Art – Updated 15 May

Business Studies


Computing KS3

Scratch Coding

Computing Yr 10

DANCOP – Independent Me

DANCOP (Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire Collaborative Outreach Programme) have produced this independent learning project – well worth a look.

Design – Updated 15 May

English, Media and Drama

Food – Update 15 May

French – Year 7 – Updated 1 June

French – Year 8 – Updated 1 June

French – Year 9 – Updated 1 June

French – Year 10

French – Year 10 – After Easter

French – Year 11

Humanities Advice

Geography – Year 7

Geography – Year 8

Geography – Year 9

History – Year 7

History – Year 8

History – Year 9

Maths – Updated May 2020



RE Year 7

RE Year 8

RE Year 9

RE Year 10

Science Year 7 – Updated 25 May

Science Year 8 – Updated 25 May

Science Year 9 – Updated 7 June 2020

Science Year 10 – Updated 16 June 2020

Skills Builder

Everybody needs eight essential skills to succeed – whatever their path in life. In collaboration with experts across education and employment, Skills Builder have developed the Skills Builder Framework, which breaks each skill down into teachable, measurable Steps.

Spanish – Year 8 – Updated 1 June

Spanish – Year 9 – Updated 1 June

Spanish – Year 10

Spanish – Year 10 – After Easter

Spanish – Year 11

Study Skills

To support with home learning the presentation explains different types of learning styles and the types of activities that will support you in your learning whilst at home.

Textiles – Updated 15 May

If you are aged between 11 and 19 and interested in history and writing, the Young Walter Scott Prize is ready to take you on an adventure. We are the UK’s only creative writing prize specifically for budding historical fiction writers! If you are at home on lockdown, this is the perfect time to flex your writing muscles and get a story down on paper. The competition closes on 31st October 2020, but we are looking forward to receiving your entries as soon as possible!


In English, students explore and produce a wide range of writing, including stories, letters, reports, poems, radio and television broadcasts, films, newspapers, magazines and novels.  Reading features strongly through the use of a full range of texts.  The Library is also used to develop research skills.


The Mathematics course builds on students’ work at primary school and follows a structured and varied programme of practical activities as well as basic number work and mental calculations.


Science is taught as a single subject, balancing areas of knowledge, skills and understanding drawn from Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Earth Science.  Practical/experimental skills are emphasised and the course follows naturally from the work carried out at primary school.


All students follow a course of study covering Art and Design and Technology subjects.  They develop designing and making skills creatively using a variety of materials (textiles, food, wood, metal, plastics), whilst gaining understanding of the applications of design outside the classroom.


Humanities includes work in History, Geography and Religious Education.

Information Technology

Information Technology is taught as a normal element of each of the subjects in Years 7 to 9.  There are 267 computers in curriculum areas around the school.


All students study a modern foreign language in Year 7.  In addition, in Years 8 and 9 an additional language is studied.

PE, Music and Drama

All pupils in years 7 to 9 have lessons in Drama, Music and PE and each of these subjects can be studied to GCSE level in Years 10 and 11. In   PE, they are introduced to a wide range of sports.  The performing arts and sport play an important part in the curriculum of every student and the school is equipped with excellent facilities.  A wide range of extra-curricular activities is offered to all students in Drama, Music and Physical Education.  There is a strong tradition in the school of participation in competitive sport locally, regionally and nationally in individual and team categories.

Personal, Health and Social Education

Aspects of Personal, Health and Social Education (PHSE) are incorporated in all the subject areas taught in school.  PHSE is a vital part of every young person’s education.  The aims of PHSE are to develop the students’ awareness of themselves and others – their attitudes, feelings, beliefs and values.  We also aim to develop the skills of individual and collective decision–making, and to explore social and health issues, relationships and sex education and careers education.   Parents may prefer that their son or daughter does not take part in lessons covering aspects of sex education and in this case, they should contact the Headteacher at the start of the school year.

Perhaps more than any other part of the curriculum, the Governors consider responsibility for Personal, Health and Social Education to be jointly held between teachers and parents, with each supporting the work of the other.

Religious Education and Collective Worship

As a separate subject in Year 7 and as part of their Humanities lessons in Years 8 and 9, students study Religious Education.  We follow the RE syllabus agreed for Derbyshire Schools.  Each year group also takes part in assemblies which may include acts of collective worship.  Parents have the right to withdraw their children from Religious Education lessons by notifying the Headteacher at the start of the year.

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Community Craft Club Thursday Evening – 6pm

Due to current Government Advice regarding non-essential social contact the Community Craft Club will be suspended until further notice.

Community Choir

Due to current Government Advice regarding non-essential social contact the Community Choir will be suspended until further notice.

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